Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Well, I missed quite the special trip!!

Hello everyone...again.....well, I missed quite the trip this afternoon!  Our passengers and crew had the privilege of watching a minke whale breach more than 100 times....with more than 40 full breaches!  I am so jealous I wasn't on the boat but super happy for Matt, Nick and Todd (our newest naturalist and birder extraordinaire).

Here are a few pics than Nick sent me.... you are SO talented Nick....THANK YOU for sharing these

We can all be jealous together.....



  1. Anonymous10:15 am

    I am a little bit jelous too... but I enjoyed my trip last week, and look forward to go back next year,,,,

  2. We were out wed morning - although we had a good show, it sounds like we just missed a great show wed afternoon!

  3. We were out wed morning - and had a good show. Seems like we missed a *great* show wed afternoon!

  4. Anonymous9:25 am

    We were extremely lucky to be apart of the Wednesday afternoon show. I think that people forget that this isn't sea world. This is raw and real wildlife at it's best. I can't thank the crew enough for the fantastic voyage. Our family had a wonderful trip. We saw this little (I use that loosely), a fin whale eatting, two hump back whales, a puffin and beautiful harbour seals. The kids really enjoyed the show and tell time with the small seacreatures on board the ship. We learned so much!

    Thank you for the once in a life time experience and memories!


    The Gratton Family
    London, Ontario

  5. Anonymous10:55 am

    My husband and I kayak near Head Harbor Light quite often, and we have never seen a whale breach. Sorry we had to miss that, I am so jealous!

    Joyce Lucier