Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enough fog already!

Hey everyone, it's Danielle again with Quoddy Link. Today we did get out on our 2pm departure and with some thinning fog and some blue sky showing through we thought we would make a little run up off Bliss light, not before spending about 20 minutes with a young minke whale (only about 10 feet long). We made our way over, the fog thickened, but with calm seas we shut our engines off and started to listen....large whales, like finbacks, you can hear blow (exhale) over a mile away. We listened for about 5 minutes but didn't hear anything but you never know unless you "look". We made our way over to Whitehorse Island, a bird nesting site and were very happy to see a huge number of black-legged kittiwakes! After spending some time with the birds we went up to Head Harbour Passage and watched a few minke whales, adult sized this time! We made our way back to St. Andrews through Western Passage and the Old Sow (the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere). All in all it was a great trip!

Thanks for checking in today, tomorrow is Canada Day, eh! I hope we get some nice weather!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fog, fog go away!

Hey everyone. Well, it's still foggy here in St. Andrews but we were able to get out on the water today at 2pm. We had a very nice sighting of atleast 2 (maybe 3) minke whales. On our way to Head Harbour Passage we stopped with 2 adult bald eagles on Nubble Island, a great sighting! We spent some time with the seals on the reefs off Casco Bay Island and also saw quite a few harbour porpoise. We have also been seeing quite a variety of seabirds in the inshore area and today we saw a puffin, a storm petrel, a group of Northern gannets and a small group of greater shearwaters! All of those birds off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage is a great sign that there is lots of food in the area....now if only the fog will lift!

Thanks for checking in.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Minke and Fundy Fog

Hey all, it's Danielle with Quoddy. I just wanted to give you a quick update on today's trip. We had a nice afternoon whale watch, the fog again pushed off enough (with the help of a little wind) and cleared Head Harbour Passage. We saw atleast 3 individual minke whales (there may have been 4 in the area). We also had some interesting bird sightings....we saw a good number of northern gannets (both mature and immature), a puffin and a storm petrel! These birds are here because there is food to eat, has to be a good sign and hopefully when the fog clears we can start to explore some of the offshore areas.

Thanks for checking in today!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The 2009 season has officially begun!

Hello everyone, it's Danielle with Quoddy Link Marine back for another season on the Bay of Fundy. I arrived in St. Andrews and we saw nothing but heavy rain for 3 days but we got out on the water today and had a great whale watch this afternoon (the fog cleared just enough for us in Head Harbour Passage). We saw 2 individual minke whales (there was a 3rd a little further up Head Harbour Passage).

We also saw lots of grey and harbour seals as well as a common murre sighting (pic below).

I will keep you posted on all of our sightings! You can follow us on Twitter, our tweets will keep you update on all of our sightings.