Monday, July 09, 2012

A full day with a finback!

Hello everyone, we had a great day today with a large finback whale on both departures!  We also saw a smaller minke whale on our 2pm trip.  It was so great to watch this finback on both the ebb and the flood tide, inshore, and to also see some feeding seabirds in inshore tidal currents off Bliss.
Here you can see the blaze, the white stripe behind the blowhole, of the finback.  This mark is unique from whale to whale

This whale has a large scar on it's back

And of course we spent some time with seals and I think you all know how much I adore the seals

THANKS so much for all the great passengers who joined us today!


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  1. I know I am becoming addicted to seal pictures. I am fascinated with them and their poses. It looks like they are actually smiling at me....and I am smiling back. Thank you for taking me on your trip each day.