Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fin Whales!

Hello everyone, yesterday was a great day to be on the Bay!  We started our morning with new large finback in our area.  I immediately noticed the large scar on the whales back and thought it could be the individual we saw last season and when I compared my photos to those from 2011 it looks to be a match.  This large whale has healed wonderfully and seems to be doing just great!

Note the scar

I had the rest of the day off but Jolinne let me know they had 4-5 finbacks spread out feeding between Bliss Island and Blacks Harbour and they has one large finback on their evening trip!  I am back on the water tomorrow but I will leave you with some seal photos :)

One of many young harbour seal pups on Whitehorse Island.  Seems to be the place for these little ones to hang out these days



  1. Hi. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your wonderful photos. I was wondering if you would like to exchange some of your fin whales for several of our blue whales. We have a shortage of the former but an over-abundance of the latter here in Southern California. You can sprinkle in some harbor porpoise as well; in exchange, you will receive a boisterous pod of long-beaked common dolphin -- we have plenty to spare. Sound like a good trade?

  2. Now that sounds wonderful but if you through in an Orca...I will up you an atlantic white sided dolphin or 2.....but I am sorry, we will be keeping the North Atlantic rights all to ourselves (when they arrive that is)

  3. I'd love some of your Lags. You can not only get some of our Lags in return, but you can have ALL our orcas -- they terrorized our poor gray whales and California sea lions enough last winter and spring. I've already seen them celebrate after killing the latter, breaching and tail slapping right offshore. And I was gonna offer a nice trio of gray whales for just ONE lil right whale, but.... =(

  4. Sorry....the rights are not up for trades, not even for a trio of greys