Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Fins, Slice and an amazing eagle sighting

Another very chilly day on the bay!  We started off the entrance to Head Harbour Passage in some serious easterlies but found 2 finbacks, and we got a great look at one of them as he did a series of dives less than 100 feet from the boat.  We then made our way up past Casco Bay Island looking for a minke whale (which we didn't find there but we found Slice over around Race Rock later in the trip) but we found bald eagles, on Green Island and on a yellow marker not far from there....AMAZING sighting...here are some photos.

We also saw seals at Splitting Knife, was a great trip, THANK YOU to everyone who joined,



  1. Fantastic eagle pics, Danielle. How about some details re: camera and lens?


  2. Hey Mike, these eagles were on the yellow marker just behind your Island! And it was just perfect lighting and we were SO close...and right now I am using a 6 year old D50 (upgrading this winter I hope) and a 70-300VR lens...The bottom 4 were cropped only about 10%, we were very close and very lucky :)

  3. Luck does play a part, no doubt about that. But you've got a great eye, too. Thanks again for the images.