Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Speechless....what an AMAZING day!

Today was another amazing day....and this morning's trip left me speechless.  We started off Blacks Harbour with more than 10 finbacks....

And then popped up a pair of north Atlantic right whales!!!  Such a privilege to see and the people on the boat really understood how special of a sighting this was with only 470 individuals left in the world.  I am pretty sure this was a mom and calf pair but will have to wait and see what the researchers say.

UPDATE:  It is a mom and calf pair!!  Meet Viola (RW#2029) and her 2011 calf!  To learn more about Viola check out the North Atlantic Right Whale Catalog

And as if this wasn't enough we then headed offshore and found more than 10 humpbacks!  What an amazing morning!!

Fray under the water

Fray on a terminal dive, look at the pectoral flippers


This afternoon we headed right offshore to search for humpbacks and found Cork, Wheat and 2 I am unable to ID for now.  We also found at least 6 large finbacks.


See the 2 finbacks??  One is just about to surface


Thanks so much for checking in today!



  1. Wow, what a great day!! Good job and good to see Viola (#2029) and calf are thriving in the bay!!

  2. THANK YOU Jelly Doughnut :) If you would like to email me (danielle.m.dion@hotmail.com), I would love to know who you are...you have some mad skills at matching rights and humps :)

  3. Marc Shaw10:02 am

    Thank you so much for a wonderful day of Whale watching. It was beyond what my wife and i expected to see. The Sighting of the mother Right Whale, Viola, and her calf made it even more special. We'd had a spectacular time in Alaska on an adventure like this but I believe this "Blew" it out of the water! Your informative knowledge took it over the edge! Will be checking in often! Once again, Thanks much!

    Marc & Pam ><))*>

  4. THANK YOU Marc, it was an incredible day. I know I said it on the boat but I don't remember in my 10 years seeing that number of whales in one trip, there were 10-15 fin whales, about 10 humpbacks and mother and calf right whale pair!! It was one to remember!