Saturday, September 10, 2011

Patience is always the key!

Hello everyone, well, today required some patience all day but it payed off and we found humpbacks on both of our departures.

On our 10am trip we found 3 humpbacks but only got a good look at one, the 2009 calf of Siphon, and she treated us all to a tail breach.  Here are some pics from this morning.

On our 2pm trip it took a while to find them....but we did, we found 2 humpbacks but only got a good look at one, the 2008 calf of Tether.  This young whale surprised us all with 2 tail breaches and a full breach!  Here are some pictures I took this afternoon.

Thanks so much for checking in, keep in touch!



  1. Anonymous6:52 pm

    Sept 17 2011
    Thank you for posting these wonderful picture. Not having a camera which can capture this level of detail, I've uploaded a few and inserted them into my digital treasure chest of the August outing. Can hardly wait to see today picture/video. Graeme

  2. You are so welcome Graeme :)