Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A full day with Peajack and Foggy

Hello everyone, what a great day we had yesterday.  With a good turn in the was clear and calm and word from a few scallop draggers there were humpbacks off the Wolves we made our way right offshore to search.  It didn't take long once we arrived on the Bank to find them and to our surprise they were not the same 2 we had on was FOGGY AND PEAJACK, 2 humpbacks who are seen every summer off Brier Island, NS. 

Meet Foggy, a female humpback born in 1987 to Bermuda.  She has visited the Bay of Fundy every summer since and has also brought 4 calves of her own.

Meet Peajack, an adult female first seen in 1995.

Here are a bunch more photos from yesterday

And a video as well that I wanted to share

Thanks so much for checking in, we have some not so perfect weather in the forecast for today so we will have to see what Mother Nature brings.



  1. Monica8:13 pm

    It was a great day! Where did you mention posting visitor videos?

  2. On our facebook page Monica

    It was a wonderful day :)

  3. Anonymous9:02 am

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for the lovely photos and video of our evening with Foggy and Peajack. Truly unforgettable. I've posted a lot (!) of photos from the trip at Feel free to add the link to your blog.


    Rob Smith