Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News of humpbacks off Cape Cod

Hey everyone, I just wanted to pass some news along, researchers have officially ID'ed 17 humpback whales off the coast of Massachusetts. It's a little early but it's great to hear reports from some summer feeding grounds. Last spring, Mustache, a young humpback who is very special to Quoddy Link was sighted off Stellwagen Bank....I'll keep you posted if Mustache, or any humpbacks we have seen in the past few years are sighted in the southern Gulf of Maine.


  1. Anonymous1:25 pm

    I named Pez back in 01 and was so sad to google him last week and learn of his entanglement. Any sightings/news since?

  2. Hey there, I got the story, with the video from the IFAW site and after talking with PCCS and WCNE the ID of Pez was wrong. The young whale that was so severely entangled was a young unknown whale that was just named Campobello. Definitely not Pez who was entangled in the Bay of Fundy.